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A mosaic of terroirs

Located in Southern Ardèche between the right bank of the Rhône River and the Cévennes foothills, our vineyard covers 6500 hectares including 500 in parcel selections. Sandstone in the Cévennes, limestone in the Lower Vivarais, volcanic soils (Basalt) on the Coiron foothills, pebbles from the Rhône Valley are part of this region marked by strong geological contrasts. A wide range of varietals thrives in this variety of terroirs giving Vignerons Ardéchois wines all their richness and their typicity.

Côtes du Vivarais (South) : the vineyard is located on a limestone plateau that surrounds the Ardèche Gorges. The shallow calcareous soils give smooth and aromatic red wines (Grenache, Syrah), and the rich ferrous red soils help craft expressive and fruity rosés (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault).
Cévennes of Ardéche (West) : the vineyard is located on Triassic sandstone terraces where we grow fruity Gamay expressive white varietals, and the Chatus,  our indigenous grape varietal described in 1599 by Olivier de Serres and that gives powerful wines.

Gravettes Ardéchoises (North & Inland) : the vineyard is delimited on the North by volcanic basalts of the Massif du Coiron, where minerals and complex soils give floral Syrah. A wide valley spreads out all the way down to the South on Gravettes soils (mix of pebbles, sand and clay) particularly adapted to crafting red wines of high class (Pinot noir, Merlot), but also ample and delicate whites (Chardonnay, Viognier).

Côtes du Rhône (East) : the vineyard is located along the Rhône Valley, a land of pebbles, poor and stony terroir that limit yields and allow the soil to give the sun heat back at night to the vines. The red varietals (Syrah, Grenache) grown here reach full maturity to offer ripe fruit and complex wines.

Discover our Terroirs

Behind the word "Terroir" hides a multitude things : the history, the craft of men who built the scenery, but mostly the environment ... Indeed, the soil accounts for more than 50% in the quality of the wine.

A unique climate

The vineyard benefits from two types of climates that help provide elegance and freshness to the wines :

A mediterranean influence, mild winters and warm dry summers. The Mistral, Northern wind that dries and prevents the vineyard from diseases.

A continental influence, colder winters and a beautiful late fall that boost the full maturity of the grapes. The warm temperatures during the summer are tempered  by night breezes that are very beneficial to the development of aromas.

The vine in Ardèche : an old story...

In Ardèche, the origin of vine-growing dates back to the Roman period (second century BC). Many documents confirm its evolution over the centuries. Indeed as soon as the 14th Century, Ardèche wines were traded with mules between the Massif Central and the Rhône Valley.

The Ardèche is also the birthplace of Olivier de Serres, a famous writer, humanist and soil scientist, today considered as the father of modern agronomy. He was one of the first to approach farming methods in a scientific way. All comments and recommendations, particularly in terms of drainage, irrigation and sharecropping are reflected in his famous book « Le Théâtre d'agriculture » published in 1600.


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