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Because we love Ardeche and believe in collective strength, we have chosen to join forces and work in harmony with the terroirs and nature.

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From the Cevennes mountains down to the Rhône Valley, our flagship grape varietals - Syrah, Grenache, Chatus, Viognier, Chardonnay - blossom between the heat of the day and the cool nights, in the heart of the mind-blowing Ardèche scenery.

Testimonials Experiences

Viognier Grès du Trias « Olly's Trolley - Mail+ »

"Comes from the South of France ‘round the Ardèche from a cooperative and a beautiful vineyard sight. In my word; it is so expressive, the aroma leaps out of the glass. Here we go : that is the ultimate springtime sipper."

Ardèche Vignobles « The collective vineyard of the Vignerons Ardéchois »

With Ardèche Vignobles®, become a collective owner of vineyards in the Ardèche.
Invest in the Ardèche vineyards and participate in the preservation of the Ardèche wine-growing landscapes!

David Belamy « The choice of a cooperative and sustainable viticulture »

In Vinezac, David settled on 20 hectares of vines. Its environmental, ethical and agronomic convictions, but also the support of Vignerons Ardéchois, confirm its desire to move on to organic viticulture.

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