Vignerons Ardechois

Whether you come from the agricultural world or not, we support you in your moving project.

Your project

Your project

We think with you about a multi-year installation plan taking into account your environmental concerns (organic viticulture, eco-friendly viticulture), your financial and material needs, and your possibilities for the acquisition of plots. Our SCIC Ardèche Vignobles® allows you to settle in renting or portering, on parcels bought thanks to the crowdfunding.

Your move

Your move

Our installation assistance program gives you access to financial support for the first four years. Thanks to the CUMA, you pool the material and human resources in cooperation with other wine growers.

Your follow-up

Your follow-up

Our viticulture service support you throughout your work and brings you advice adapted to your plots and soils.

Join Vignerons Ardéchois,
is choosing to "work together"


Our viticulture service support you throughout the year and brings you advice adapted to your plots, your terroirs, your grape varieties, and your environmental convictions.


You can participate in trainings and awareness days.


You can participate in tasting sessions organized by your winery, and share your vision of wine.


You can participate in the promotion of the wines through animations organized in France and abroad.


You can join working committees to participate in the cooperative’s life and bring your ideas up on the future of our viticulture at Vignerons Ardéchois.


Pascal et Patrice Bosquet « Alone we go faster, but together we go further! »

Pascal and Patrice Bosquet work with family and attach great importance to the quality of their products, but also to the cooperation in which they invest themselves on a daily basis to promote the wines of the Vignerons Ardéchois!

Fleur-Anaïs Petit « A new life in Ardèche »

Having arrived in Ardèche for several years, Fleur-Anaïs decided, with the help of her father-in-law, to reconvert herself and make her passion her job. She is now growing 9 hectares of vines, on the limestone plateau of the Gorges de l'Ardèche.

Emilie Aubriot « An installation thanks to Vignerons Ardéchois »

In 2017, Emilie decides to change her life and live from her passion. She now grows a 9 hectare vineyard, and knows that she can count on the winegrowers and Vignerons Ardéchois!